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Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

Denver Accounting and Bookkeeping

Running a business takes an enormous amount of time and energy. It’s not easy keeping up with all the details, so many business owners seek help from O'Connor CPA Firm, LLC, a Denver CPA firm with extensive experience in all facets of business accounting.

Full-charge, turn-key, soup to nuts accounting for your business;  We take your accounting and transform it into an automated, streamlined, technology driven process so that you have the right information that is real-time and accurate to make decisions and strategic plans.   We take your bookkeeping, make it pain-free, frustration-free and then take it a step further and consult with you on how to use your financial reporting to propel your business forward.  It isn’t about punching numbers into a computer, it is about getting financial information and utilizing it to make strong strategic plans to achieve success faster and at a level you have not seen with traditional “bookkeeping”.  We work with clients on a recurring basis only, but have monthly and quarterly flat fee engagements designed to suit your needs.

We are forward thinking, technology leveraging and solutions driven.  We use QBO, QBD, HubDoc,, Gusto, TSheets and other apps and design systems that you to manage your business from anywhere.  We can build a tech stack for you to free your time and make you effective and efficient and ready to make rain happen.  The investment in recurring accounting will give you the time and energy to go from being bogged down in the details to making high level decisions that transform your business model.

We’re successful because we understand how companies operate. We enjoy getting to know our clients and their businesses to ensure that we are providing the specific services you need to stay competitive, even in challenging economic times.

Accounting and Tax Services

Give O'Connor CPA Firm, LLC a call at 303-623-2676. We’ll set up a confidential, initial consultation to discuss how we might make running your business a little bit easier.