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Business Advisory Services

business consulting

O'Connor CPA Firm, LLC provides impactful coaching and consulting as part of our business advisory services. We analyze your business to identify what it does well and focus on what it could do better, with impressive results.

Timely and Accurate Financial Information you need

Feeling Organized and in Control

Strategic Planning and Creative Solutions

A Strong Financial Accounting Advisor in your Corner

Standardization and Automation for Ease of Operations

Solutions for Smarter Growth and Improved Profitability

Professional athletes have played and trained at a high level in their sport for years and yet, they still have a coach. Business is no different. You have a certain skill set, but still need a trusted business advisor; an objective third party that helps you reign in your ideas and dreams and develops a path to achieving them. The day-to-day becomes a grind and takes all the energy out of creative thinking and planning. We help you rediscover the “Why” and then build the “How” with decisions driven by why you started the business and where you want it to go. We take your dreams and motivate, inspire and help you stay accountable to implementing the solutions you need to love your business because it is performing. Using work smarter not harder tools, standardization, documentation and automation, you can scale growth at a whole new level. You will be energized and motivated once you see how achieving great success is possible. 

We work with a limited number of clients at one time to provide the service we are known for.  We currently have capacity available.  Engage with us by the end of this month for a 1 year contract and we will provide 13 months of service.

CPA and Business Advisor

We pride ourselves on becoming trusted advisors to our clients by providing a high level of personal service, expert financial advice and effective solutions you would expect to be found only when working with a much larger firm. We are all working remotely these days, so completing this information request is the best way to connect with us

  • Comprehensive, bundled monthly accounting and advisory services
  • Concierge accounting support
  • Virtual Controller Services
  • Business checkup
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • Re-imagined business success model
  • Inspiration, motivation and accountability for real change
  • Technology consulting
  • Tech/App stack development and implementation