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Law Firm Accounting

O'Connor & CO. CPAs, LLC is experienced in providing accounting and tax services to law firms and sole proprietors in the Denver area. We handle everything from bookkeeping and financial statements to tax returns and tax planning. When you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping tasks to O'Connor & CO. CPAs, LLC you will have more time to focus on satisfying your clients’ needs and acquiring new clients.

We are Certified Partners with several Practice Management Software providers and can help you move to the next level with integrated Practice Management Software that streamlines all of the issues specific to the practice of law.  From maintaining your Coltaf Acount and Retainer Liability to tracking Matters, to storing digitlal documents, assigning tasks to multiple attorneys to complicated compensation agreements based on which attornyes are involved in or work on a Matter.  Practice Management Software, beyond what QuickBooks can offer, will propel you to another level such that your practice can grow without need additional personnel to support that growth.  Operate in the Cloud and get rid of the expensive server! We can bring your practice into the 21st Century and you will love what it does for you.

The tax professionals at O'Connor & CO. CPAs, LLC are well versed in the new tax regulations and how they can affect your legal practice. We offer strategic tax planning solutions that will ensure that you will minimize your tax liability and that you never overpay.

Specifically for our Law Firm clients, if you use QuickBooks, we have developed a system for maintaining your Coltaf Account and Trust Liability while offering detailed Client retainer ledgers. Our system provides the transaction detail you need for each retainer you have and provides a process for maintaining balance between your Coltaf Bank Account and your Trust/Retainer Liability account.

Our law firm accounting services include:

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