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At O'Connor CPA Firm, LLC, we hold ourselves to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and service that our clients truly appreciate. We value our clients and work hard to deliver the combination of accounting solutions and tax services each one needs to manage their finances efficiently.

Read Reviews for Our Denver, CO CPA firm

Check out these reviews from some of our satisfied clients then give us a call at 303-623-2676 or request a free initial consultation through our website to learn more about what we can do for you.

"O’Connor CPA is not your typical CPA firm that specializes in tax and or audit. They are more of a CFO/CPA firm. Everybody at O’Connor is great to work with they are always making helpful suggestions on how to run the business. They have done a great job customizing our accounting software to do what we need in order to be profitable. One of the real benefits of working with O’Connor is the monthly meeting that we have with our team to go over the results from the prior month and work on things that we and they can improve on. I believe that they only provide this full-service CFO/CPA model. They really try and get CFO/CPA model right, They only do individual and corporate tax returns for their CFO/CPA clients, this is great because even during tax season they still answer the phone. It seems like they’re never too busy to talk to you. My messages are always returned in a timely fashion. If you have a small to medium size business I highly recommend the team at O’Connor."


"I just want you ladies to know that I brag on you every chance I get. You go so far above and beyond the services that I'd expect from a typical "accountant". You are more of a business coach organization who just happens to specialize in finance. I really enjoy working with you both."


"I have known Tricia for 30+ years now and have worked with her on and off since she first started her Accounting Firm. She is really passionate about helping her business clients build the kind of success they dream of. She is engaging and fun and creative and develops great ideas that are not limited to accounting or tax. She helps you define and design the business and life you really want. She focuses your energy and holds you accountable to the strategies that will help you achieve your big dreams. Focus, Clarity, Inspiration, Motivation is what you will get when you work with her. She helps you grow a more profitable business with so much more than you get from a traditional CPA firm, but she has all the accounting and tax knowledge as well. She is the Virtual CFO you need if you can't afford your own accounting department."

-Barb D.

"Professionals with a keen sense of what is needed to grow a business and best practices to improve profit."

-Dyana W.

"We hired O'Connor last year after a string of mistakes and vague billing led us to speculate that our previous accountant wasn't giving us the best advice. O'Connor & CO is the best accounting firm that we have ever worked with. They take a very productive goals-based approach to help get you what you want out of your small business. When you hire O'Connor, it's like they are a part of your team and they are with you every step of the way."

-Mike Q.

"Tricia and Lorrie have been a pleasure to work with. I felt confident and comfortable in there abilities from the moment we first spoke. They've been quick to respond to my questions and have provided valuable input. Both have gone the "extra mile" to show their support for my small business. I would highly recommend Tricia and team to fellow business owners!" -

- Bridget Mitchell, owner of Red Lark

"We recently opened up a business in Colorado and when it came time to find an accountant, we found O'Connor & CO and we could not be more pleased!! Tricia and her accountant specialist Lorrie have been absolutely fantastic to work with and make everything so easy for us! We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great accountant! "

- Skylar P.

"When I moved from CA to CO, I had to take on the daunting task of replacing my kickbutt business accountant and a bookkeeper that was not doing the greatest job. And let me tell you, the search for a new one in Colorado was not a fun process. Most of the firms I reached out to (1) never responded, (2) were fully booked, or (3) were far from professional. Tricia and her team were a breath of fresh air -- responding to my inquiry quickly, jumping on a call with me right away to learn more about my needs and whether they could meet them, and creating a custom proposal based on what kind of assistance I was looking for.

I've been working with the team since Jan 2019 and they have been an absolute delight. My bookkeeping is done in a timely manner, books are done correctly (finally!) and my complicated taxes were not as stressful as they could have been thanks to O'Connor & Co. Most importantly, I have a team who has their eye on the big picture and helps me strategize ways to improve finances and save on taxes...something I appreciate as a business owner.

As an added bonus, Tricia and her team have actually made the process fun, something I would have never put on my list of must-have criteria. If you're searching for a great team to handle your business' bookkeeping and taxes, look no further. O'Connor & Co will exceed your expectations and provide a breath of fresh air in a rather tired industry that often forgets about customer experience."

- Lauren P.

"Tricia and her team are awesome to work with and are by far some of the most qualified, communicative, and professional CPAs that I have ever met. I am so glad that I found them as they were able to solve all of my tax headaches. Thank you!"

- Billie J.

"I've worked with Tricia since she was in her office space uptown about 10 years ago. Here's what I can say:

  • She knows her stuff. If you have a tricky tax problem, she can help you. I fancy myself "smart" from time to time, and more than once I've researched Tricia's recommendations to make sure I was getting good advice. I've always been happy.
  • Knowledge does not come cheap. If you're looking for some CPA to do some data entry at tax time (basically, following the prompts from some piece of software like the clowns at the mall kiosks), move along. Tricia is not for you.
  • If you're a small business owner trying to navigate a business entity classification + a marriage + a home sale + some investment tax issues + an interstate move - and do all of this via phone and email while you're traveling on your extended honeymoon - this is who you want.
  • Speaking of the IRS, Tricia is ethical, but she works to minimize your bill. I've never felt uneasy with anything, but I've also never felt like we left money on the table. In years past, I've done the 'tax kiosk' thing and missed deductions/credits. Never again.
  • She's fun. I enjoy talking to her. She's got great energy, and she's passionate about her job. I admire that, considering I'm about as passionate about tax time as I am about dental surgery.
  • So, there you have it. Happy customer since 2008, and Tricia is the only person I call when I need tax advice/help."
- Jason L

"O'Conner & CO CPA's, LLC has provided excellent tax services for O'Kelley Electric for over two years. Outstanding accurate and friendly service every time. I highly recommend O'Conner & CO CPA's, LLC"

- Greg P.

"We changed our accounting to O'Connor and Co. last year. We have investment properties and multiple business interests. Tricia guided us through the process with efficiency and charged a reasonable rate. We are very happy with her services."

-Ben B.

"After recently moving here from out of state, we were in need of a CPA. Our taxes can be tricky, and needed someone who was savvy enough to handle our special circumstances. Tricia was highly recommended to us by friends, and we are glad to have a relationship with her. She is thorough, thoughtful, quick to respond and incredibly detailed oriented. We are highly satisfied!"

-Carina S.

"There is a reason I have been a client of Tricia O'Connor's, both in a personal and corporate capacity for over 20 years. She takes the time to understand your business and your personal circumstances and then researches the best solutions for your tax planning in both areas.

For all of these 20 years plus, I have been the Controller of a couple of Denver corporations with multi-state operations and have appreciated the personal, informed and very friendly service we have received. My personal tax circumstances are also perhaps somewhat more complex than what might be considered the norm and we have been very impressed with the firm's advice and attention to detail on the most effective tax planning measures.

If you are a small business or are just looking for personal tax planning advice I would highly recommend you call Tricia at O'Connor & Co. CPAs."

-Graham M.