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Entertainment Accounting Services

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As entertainment accountants, O'Connor & CO. CPAs, LLC provides accounting services to businesses and individuals throughout the entertainment industry. Our goal is to let you concentrate on developing your talents while we handle your traditional accounting, bookkeeping, and tax functions.

Although many of the accounting needs of those in the entertainment industry aren't fundamentally different from other industries, there are certain industry-specific tax issues that may arise. Whether you're a business or an individual, working with a CPA that's familiar with the common financial challenges of entertainers ensures that your books are being handled properly. At O'Connor & CO. CPAs, LLC, we understand the complexities associated with promotion costs, royalties, and tour expenses, plus we have knowledgeable staff members specifically dedicated to our clients in the entertainment industry. 

Accounting and Tax Services for Entertainers

Our firm's accounting services are designed for all kinds of individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry, including actors, models, musicians, tour managers, producers, directors, and talent agencies. Call our Denver, CO CPA at 303-623-2676 to learn more or request a consultation online.

  • Entertainment and tour accounting
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Royalty tracking
  • Licensing and royalty audit services
  • Profit participation audits
  • Evaluation and improvements of internal controls
  • Budgets for managing costs
  • State and Federal tax services
  • Cash flow reporting and maintenance