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O’Connor CPA Firm, an accounting and advisory firm focused on helping their clients achieve their business goals, today announced that Tricia O’Connor CPA has successfully completed the Level 5 Certified Advisor course. The course offers accountants a comprehensive turnkey methodology for delivering proactive consulting services.

O’Connor CPA Firm is part of an elite group of accounting firms around the country who specialize in Strategic Performance Measurement. These firms, who are certified in the Mentor Plus Level 5 methodology, combine their traditional accounting practices with innovative, custom solutions that help businesses achieve measurable results. The company’s philosophy: Ferociously committed to helping entrepreneurs realize their business dreams and potential with radical new thought processes and rock-solid strategies that work better than you ever imagined

Originally created by Edi Osborne at Mentor Plus, and now supported by Geni Whitehouse at , the training includes tools to help accountants first understand and clearly articulate client goals and then work with owners and teams to create plans for achieving them.  The course incorporates concepts from authors like Geoffrey Moore, Simon Sinek, Tom Collins, and facilitation and training tools from TOPs, the Institute of Cultural Affairs and more.

The Level 5 curriculum includes education tools and resources that are licensed for use by firms whose members complete the training: At Level 1, trained accountants help their clients build a sound financial reporting foundation. In Level 2, accountants teach the language of business and then help owners and teams identify critical business ratios and optimal scenarios.  By Level 3, accountants become group facilitators for client discovery and planning sessions. At level 4, accountants help their clients link activities to outcomes and chart a path to organizational success. By Level 5, their role shifts to a focus on accountability and continuous improvement.

Clients of firms who complete the Level 5 certification training can expect to have a different kind of relationship with their accountant.  Asking the right questions, determining the critical success factors for a particular business, finding solutions, processes and performance measurements to ensure that what is critical to success is delivered, measured and leveraged is the new accounting model for the accounting firms of the future.

“We signed up for this course because we knew we needed a higher skill set to deliver the services, consultation and partnership our business clients were needing in today’s challenging and competitive business environment.  Our industry has long fallen short of delivering the enhanced engagements our business clients were wanting.  We, as accounting and tax professionals, are in a unique position to bring added value and impact to businesses that far exceed the bank reconciliations and tax returns that many CPA firms limit themselves to.  We are excited to use this robust skill set to take our business clients to a new level of business advisory.”  Tricia O’Connor, CPA, MBA

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA