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We are all getting inundated with news of Covid-19. Like most of you, we have just begun to deal with it in the US and I am completely sick of the topic. I think that we really need as many positive messages as possible on how we will get to the Other Side of Covid-19.

I would love to be a catalyst for concentrating on what we can do in the short-term and long-term to help ourselves survive this massive upheaval and how we can help our local and global community survive the economic devastation that it can have if we do not start to control the conversation, actively seek ways we can help each other and build the foundation that limits the panic and fuels the recovery through our actions.

Actively seeking solutions to the manner the virus changes how we live our daily lives is key. But we also need to give serious thought to how we help our neighbors, friends, local businesses and our community as a whole.

Start posting your ideas and ways of coping that are positive, actionable measures you are taking to make the most of it.


I am reaching out to friends that I have had for many years, but don’t have much contact with. I am reigniting our friendship with Covid-19 being the catalyst for starting a conversation when what I really want is to renew our friendship and connection. I have a small community, I am not one to keep a ton of friends. I am more about fewer people with whom I am significantly involved in their lives. But I am broadening my circle to reach out to others to build my community.

I have some elderly neighbors and while I will not expose them to my physical presence….just in case….I am going to ask from across the street if I can get groceries for them, pick up prescriptions, etc. The elderly can be so isolated as it is, then I will reach out more to them from afar to make sure they are staying healthy and have what they need.


There are so many ways to workout without a facility or any equipment at all. If you are bemoaning your ability to get to the Rec Center or Health Club, there are any number of exercises that just use your own body weight. Push-ups, planking, squats, lunges. What is that exercise called when you place your hands behind you on a chair or table and then dip your body below your hands? The one that work the flabby backs of your arms? Maybe you don’t even belong to a gym, but given the circumstances, want to work some fitness into your life. Start small and maybe you won’t need a membership to a gym when this is all over!


I want my small coffee shop to survive. I love our small restaurants and gift shops and other independent businesses to around on the other side of Covid-19. They won’t be there if we all abandon them now. I know that many of them are shutting their doors temporarily, but let’s make sure it is not permanently. I am going to order online any thing I need from someone other than Amazon where possible. I don’t have anything against Amazon, but Bezos has enough money to survive, my independent gift shop does not.

I will order food for pickup from any independent restaurant who is trying to stay open and employ at least a few employees. I will be telling all my small businesses that once we are all clear, I will absolutely start supporting them as much as possible.

I am going to buy twice as many groceries when I get to the store. One cart for me and the other for my local food bank. The economically disadvantaged will, of course be affect the most. Loss of income because their business shut down, inability to work because the schools are closed and they do not have daycare. In every way they will be hit immediately and at critical levels. I will lose a lot of my investments, but at least I have them to lose. I’ll recover, I’ll be fine, but I am not that vulnerable that my day-to-day is overly affected accept in the annoying, inconvenient way.

It’s time guys: To rally, to think outside ourselves, outside the box and find small, medium and large ways that we can help everyone get through this. Start posting ways that you are coping, helping your community. Let this be a time where innovation takes a front seat; we figure ways to working and living in a time when a virus can take us down in a matter or weeks.

The phrase “We are all in this together” has never been more true or more important.

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA