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Is it full of empty store fronts, lacking in restaurants, devoid of personality, interest, character?  I bet you are thinking…Nooooooo.  But, a vibrant community, that has interesting choices for shopping, eating, getting your personal services is one that is filled with local, independent businesses.  They need your local support to survive in the current marketplace of shopping from home, buying from large, foreign owned companies.  Yes, it is easy, free shipping is a game changer and no one can dismiss the ease of finding any and everything online and having them deliver it to your door.

However, my ideal community is not filled with Amazon drop off locations, distribution centers down the street, neighborhoods that have nothing but Starbucks on every corner.  I am incredibly lucky.  I live in this ideal neighborhood that has several different streets within walking distance that have local stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, salons.  Just about everything I need is within walking distance…including my Whole Foods with Amazon drop boxes.  No, I do not live in NYC, I live in a central neighborhood in a major city though.

I want a reason to leave my house, walk to the farmer’s market and see my local stores with their unique merchandise, meet friends for dinner; I want to live in a diverse community that meets all of my needs for goods and services, social activities, etc.

SHOP LOCAL!  That is the message here.  We must support our local, independently owned businesses if we want these diverse, vibrant communities where we have so much of what we need within walking and driving distance.

Small Business Saturday is always the Saturday after Black Friday.  On that weekend following Thanksgiving, remember your local businesses and how they enrich your community and remember to support them by shopping the brick and mortar stores in your community.  We all hear the stories about how the brick and mortar stores are a dieing breed, so stop that trend by spending your dollars locally.  Those dollars stay in your community, they help employ your friends, family and neighbors, they fund your schools and roads.  They make your neighborhoods look more like where you want to vacation because they add interest and variety and reasons to stroll, reasons to have your local shop keep know you, remember your particular style and tastes.

Save our independent bookstores, gift shops, other than Starbucks coffee shops, salons, restaurants.  Get out this Saturday and familiarize yourself with what is available in your neighborhood… put your dollars to work within your community.  Amazon and Starbucks will survive without you, but your cute, interesting local bookstore might not.

We are ferociously committed to helping businesses grow and become more profitable and we LOVE brick and mortar shops and want to see them thrive.

Two of our local independently owed favorites:

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA