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Here is some information about hiring in this economy, but read all the way to the end for my favorite nugget of advice.

Finding the best candidate to hire is often costly and time-consuming. But, if your new hire turns into a loyal, hardworking, long-term employee, your investment may be worth every cent and minute.

Locate Candidates

How do you find good people? In the past, people who were job hunting would look in the “help wanted” section of the newspaper or go from store to store filling out applications. Today, most people use a computer and a mouse and search the Internet for jobs. So if you’re not posting your openings on online job boards and industry blogs and websites, you may be missing talented candidates. Note: Running classified ads may still be a good way to reach out (especially to fill jobs requiring local candidates) since many local newspapers also have an online job board for posting classifieds. 

Another way to attract candidates is to add a recruiting page to your website. In addition to posting job openings, you can use the page to attract qualified candidates by highlighting the benefits of working for your company.

And last, but certainly not least, you can use social media to announce openings and solicit job applicants. There’s no better way to reach a large number of people almost instantaneously.

Make an Attractive Offer

If you’re hoping to hire top talent, you’ll want to make sure the benefits you offer are competitive — or better. Many full-time workers have access to employer-provided medical care and/or access to a retirement plan.

Keep Employees on Board

Once you’ve assembled a group of valuable employees, an attractive and competitive benefit package will help ensure they stay. Your financial professional can provide insights and help you review your firm’s benefit package for cost efficiency and competitiveness.

For more tips on how to keep business best practices front and center for your company, give us a call today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Here are the nuggets: Hire for fit, not necessarily skill set. Remember it is not only about $$. Have a vibrant, fun work environment, appreciate your employees in non-monetary ways, train them well enough so that they can leave you, treat them such that they never want to.

I hired for fit recently and we are having a ton of fun. She had the aptitude of course, but training her has been fun and she is learning the way I want it done. We laugh every day and I think she is happy in her position. I make sure she knows how much I appreciate her and we are learning some cool things together. She is definitely a Cathedral builder and I am so glad that I chose that over a skill set that I can train for.

Our economy is tough with so low unemployment, but you can offer a work experience that people will want more than they want the additional salary. Let them work different hours than M-F 8-5, offer remote employment, schedule team building experiences that are truly fun for everyone. I am letting my employees know where I want the firm to go and they are becoming architects, not just brick layers.

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA