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We are 2 weeks into this process of changing how your business operates, how you can make it so much more successful and how to change the way you think about it.  If you have stuck with it for the entire time, I hope you are seeing how changing your approach can have a profound impact on how you attack every day, how you see opportunities for what they are and how you smother your ability to succeed by letting the days drive you instead of the other way around.  Here is the recap of the steps we have attacked so far:

  1.  Dream Big with no Censorship
  2. Organize and Categorize
  3. Add Action Items
  4. Create a Mantra
  5. Share your goals with Family and Friends
  6. Identify Frustrations that keep you distracted
  7. Make appointments with yourself
  8. Create a Vision Board
  9. Partner in Crime
  10. Control your Day
  11. Listen to your Internal Talk

Making massive change is hard.  It takes all the steps we have outlined and it takes discipline, consistency and commitment.  Change is also scary.  You will find yourself telling you that this is too hard, it is not working, I can’t dedicate the time it needs, I am too overwhelmed.  We all tell ourselves negative things that hinder our ability to see the positive.  We subconsciously sabotage ourselves with the internal thoughts we let run through our mind.

Be aware if these thoughts as they enter your brain and catch them.  Stop the thought that is negative and replace it with one that is positive.  When you start to tell yourself something that will limit your ability to succeed, to move forward, tell yourself “NO”.  This will work.  I can do it.  I just need to take a moment and reconnect with what I am trying to do.  Find something that has happened that is positive and tell yourself there is more where that came from if I stay dedicated to this process.  I can do this one thing today to further this process.  If I can make these changes, I will get the time I need to do more.  I will see the success of my efforts and that will allow me to accomplish more and scale my growth, automate my processes, sell more of what I do best.

Change your perspective.  Don’t let negative thoughts diminish what you have already done and what you can do in the future.  Our brain does not know the difference between the truth and a lie.  It only knows what we tell it and it deals with the information you give it.  Feed it with positive thoughts.  Tell yourself you have what you need, things are changing for the better, I will see my success and all the opportunities it will provide.  Your brain will then look for proof of that and your perspective will change.

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA