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We are 2 weeks into this process of changing how your business operates, how you can make it so much more successful and how to change the way you think about it.  If you have stuck with it for the entire time, I hope you are seeing how changing your approach can have a profound impact on how you attack every day, how you see opportunities for what they are and how you smother your ability to succeed by letting the days drive you instead of the other way around.  Here is the recap of the steps we have attacked so far:

  1.  Dream Big with no Censorship
  2. Organize and Categorize
  3. Add Action Items
  4. Create a Mantra
  5. Share your goals with Family and Friends
  6. Identify Frustrations that keep you distracted
  7. Make appointments with yourself
  8. Create a Vision Board

Partner in Crime: As we build these new processes, thought patterns and try to incorporate new ideas, you can start to feel overwhelmed.  It takes time, diligence and consistency to change how you have approached your business trajectory.  One way to work through everything you are trying to change and stay committed is to find a Partner in Crime.

Just about every massive overhaul of something in your life is easier if you have someone who is also working through a similar process.  You need to partner with someone that will be as committed to this idea as you are and who will hold you accountable to sticking with the process.  Plus, having someone else as a sounding board, someone to brain storm with, someone to vent to helps immensely for keeping you moving forward and actually accomplishing things.

If you know another business owner that might want to transform how they think about, strategize about, how they grow their business or become more successful in some way, ask them to partner with you.  Years ago, when I first tried this exercise, I partnered with a friend who was also self-employed.  Our businesses were not at all similar, but we both want to make positive change and be more in control of how we moved our businesses forward.  I think that working with Robyn was as critical to our success as the fact that I allowed myself to dream big and think that it was all possible.

We met for coffee once a month and worked through this process that I am outlining, and I can tell you that just about every single thing that I wrote down as my dreams and goals came true for me.  Just knowing that we were going to meet made me get current on whatever tasks we had set out in the previous meeting.  Once we started to see the fruits of our labor, we were hooked on achieving even bigger things.  Having another person’s perspective was really helpful and we shared ideas and successes with each other.

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA