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Think about one or two things that would significantly make your life easier and make finding a solution to those hurdles a priority.  We all have daily frustrations that get in the way of us being our most productive self.  These frustrations eat and waste valuable energy, can tank our mood and get us off track.  There must be a couple of things that repetitively get in your way of being the person you want to be when in your business space.

Write a list of these frustrations down in no particular order and when the ones that really ring a bell for you come to mind, put a star by those.  Then look at the starred ones and take 30 minutes to brain storm what could be done to stop wasting time.

A couple of mine were:  I respond the same way too many email requests.  From potential clients reaching out to communicating to clients that their tax return is done and here is what happens next.  So I sat down one day and crafted the email language that I most wanted to use in these instances and created one Word document that contains all of my “canned” language.  So when I finalize a return, I start an email to that client and then cut and past the repetitive language into that email.  Sure I adjust on occasion, but it saves me a ton of time to have the basic structure of that email ready to go and it is language that has been crafted….not the language I use when I am tired, frustrated or rushing.

I have probably 15 “canned” paragraphs that I use over and over when the need arises.  I love it and it saves me time.

I am terrible at taking notes when I speak to potential clients.  I never get the same basic information I need, I never ask all the questions I need and it is the same information for each and every potential client I speak to.  So I created a Typeform that asks the same 10 questions.  I now send that Typeform to every potential client that contacts me whether they initially email me or call me, I send them that form.  Then I created a Zap that sends their answers to my Google Sheet and then texts me that a potential client completed the form.  Easy peasy, lemon squeasy.  Not only do I not waste time talking to potential clients that DO NOT fit my ideal client demographic, I get all that information loaded to the same Google Sheet where I can find it for everyone that has contacted me and I do not need to check the sheet because I get a text that tells me when to check the sheet.  HUGE time saver and a way to standardize the information I get from everyone.  For those clients that are not a good fit for me, I send a polite thanks but no thanks email letting them know that I do not feel like I am a good fit for their situation.

Find solutions to those things that waste time, things you do over and over again.  Standardize, automate, delegate, solve.  Take the time you save and dedicate it to other more important tasks that will help you achieve your lofty, pie in the sky dreams

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA