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In 2016 99.7% of businesses had 500 or fewer employees. These businesses are in your community, employing your neighbors, keeping local money in the local economy. Rarely do these businesses result in owners that are the top 1% of Americans for income or wealth.

No, these locally owned businesses are the engines of our economy. Imagine a world where Walmart, Costco, Amazon are our only choices for shopping. Now, I love my Costco and Amazon, but these behemoths of business do not do for your local economy what all the small businesses do. We need to remember that the fabric of our daily lives is in our communities, our small businesses, restaurants, gift stores, consignment shops.

Online is definitely easy, but a stroll through your local retail district can provide for a great outing, seeing unique items not offered online, interacting with people with stories to tell. Make a day of it; start in a local coffee shop, shop the neighborhood stores, make some great purchases, stop for lunch somewhere that is not a chain and feel great that you supported your local business owners, their employees, your neighborhood, the health of your micro-economy. We will all be better for it.

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA