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QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Specialists

O’Connor & CO CPAs offers customized bookkeeping assistance for small and medium size businesses.  We can design and implement a bookkeeping system for you, help you make the most of a system you already have in place, provide monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services and analysis of your financial statements, etc.  We design our service specifically to meet your unique requirements.

I have been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for over 15 years now. We understand bookkeeping; the day-to-day process of it and the analysis of the final product that bookkeeping is meant to provide. I also understand what it means to run a business, as I am running a business myself. I, like you, make all the decisions about my business. I hire and fire, I choose marketing strategies, I run the day-to-day operations, I deal with customers, I worry with profitability and how to improve it. I have been running a business for 20 years now, so I have a little experience with what your challenges are. I also have a Masters in Business as well as being a CPA so I have the education, qualifications and expertise to assist you. Let us improve your process and see how it affects your business success.

Post Author: Tricia O'Connor CPA MBA

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